Atollon 2011 Innovations

Atollon Innovations 2011 (week 50)

New features

3261 - Added total price into time sheets totals

3242 - Added column price (rate) into timesheet list

3260 - Added total wage brutto into advanced time sheet

3263 - Added fixed margin price type into advanced time sheet

3241 - Checkbox is now possible to set as required

3171 - New icon for staffing, work contracts, workers and wages

Bug fixes

3258 - Fixed problem with rights for time sheets

3266 - Fixed problem with ordering time sheets by context

2491 - Fixed problem with resending task

3229 - Fixed problem with subtotals at time sheet

3253 - Fixed displaying of forms for newly created tasks

3239 - Fixed problem with workflow actions under multi organization structure

3238 - Fixed problem with group by type of work + selection grouped item at time sheets

3255 - Fixed problem with new project of vacancy type under new client

Atollon Innovations 2011 (week 48)

New features

3167 - New function for possibility to display and access any path element of context


S488 - New searching criterium "Reference Id" (for folders, projects, activities)

3222 - Now is possible attach form(s) to task

3218 - Now is possible print tasks and their forms

3226 - Task templates is possible to set for type of activity

2724 - New workflow actions - possibility to change folder/project/activity state based on folder/project/activity change

Bug fixes

2642 - Fixed problem with refresh after deleting message in communication

3193 - Fixed problem with editing and adding new items

3183 - Fixed problem with "paging" tasks

3104 - Fixed problem in context settings

3236 - Small changes at Atollon menu a Options and Tolls menu

3235 - Synchronized message icons in dashboard widget with icons in message list

3233 - Fixed problem with long sender name at communication widget

3228 - Fixed problem with info after "bad" login

3244 - Changed format of Task column "Completed" date with time

3161 - Fixed problem with removing solver from task

Atollon Innovations 2011 (week 46)

New features

1803 - New application for Project planning and resource

3070 - New application Current projects  - projects overview / statistics

3048 - New Project Plan Overview dashboard widget

3047 - New Active Project Statistics dashboard widget

3174 - Now is possible export to xls file

2658 - New login screen added


2662 - Background setting is saved for all users and there is redefined rights for edit it.

2907 - Project templates are now listed by organization

2948 - Added history of changes invoices / estimates / orders


2985 - Added way how to get solver at workflow created task

3169 - Added tasks forms

3168 - Added possibility to search by project's reference Id to the tasks filter

3163 - To the task template is now possible to add planned duration of the task

3166 - Planned duration of the task was added to reporting

3151 - Messages at Dashboard now show you hints

3136 - Added sender to communication widget at dashboard

2943 - Added status filter and possibility to mass deleting


3224 - Renamed field "Desired position" to "Suitable position"

3217 - Added export of list to Tasks, Communication, Estimate, Invoice, Workers, Vacancies, Applicant search

Bug fixes

1633 - Only active user are displayed at calendar and tasks

3227 - Fixed problem with new user and his rights to own tasks and events

3055 - Fixed problem with deleting dashboard widgets

3095 - Dashboard has new icon and it is moved to favourites

3152 - Added useful columns to basic dashboard widgets

3072 - Fixed problem with time sheet dashboard widget on Sundays

3151 - Fixed problem with comment at communication dashboard widget

3141 - Fixed problem with maximized window and sidebar

3065 - Fixed problem with opened sidebar before login

3083 - Changed default view at projects and folders to "My projects"

3123 - Changed default settings for project tasks filter

3219 - Fixed with change of solver when task is rejected

3107 - Small task redesign

3093 - Fixed problem with Finder after adding a new "client" (folder)

2904 - Fixed problem with displaying new field under the sidebar

3110 - Added error dialog when unsuccesfully deleting a project

3096 - Automated unpacking of time tracker, when more tasks added

3214 - When task is assigned to someone other, notify user is automatically pre-fillied

3078 - Fixed problem with staffing print

3173 - Fixed problem with visibility of users at several applications

2975 - Fixed problem with cycling reminder

2922 - Removed button for timesheets at received invoices

3058 - Now text "password" is a default on login screen

3065 - Sidebar is hidden at login for Samsung mobiles

3102 - Fixed problem with opening file at closed invoice

2998 - Rights setting "see only users contacts" hide relationship

3103 - Fixed user fillter for active users only at timesheets

3127 - Fixed user fillter at messages by right settings

3199 - Now at today events is showed time (no date)

3162 - Fixed hint show at project comment

3173 - Now is accelerated rights refresh

2571 - Fixed calendar rights to themselve on new user

3106 - Fixed problem with refresh after adding a new distribution group in contacts

2566 - Fixed problem with rights when task is refused

3191 - Fixed problem with saving settings for type of work chargeability

3172 - Changed default settings for task view "Tasks to Check"

Atollon Innovations 2011 (week 39)

New features

3000 - New Dashboard widget for Report results

report-results.jpg report-results-2.png

3029 - After click on the red block on TimeSheet widget, user´s timesheets for last 3 working days will be showed

3003 - Added extimate time at Task


2954 - Added new menu for setting of invoice rights to status changes



3043 - Fixed problem with access to corporate messages

391 - Fixed activity filter by type

387 - Fixed problem with vacancy list at server side

2933 - Changed default settings for opened non-email communication.


Atollon Innovations 2011 (week 37)

New features

2963 - Dashboard beta added


3028 - New functions for filtering applicants by status and for multiselect delete


2952 - Added possibility to change rights on document or invoice


2948 - New function for tracking changes in the history of invoices and estimates